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Start Collecting! (Daemons of Nurgle)

4th March 2017

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On Tuesday of this week I cracked open this little beauty (Start Collecting! Daemons of Nurgle), and by Saturday the contents were not only together, but top coated and washed; that is somewhat of a record for me…

The £50 (RRP) box of plastic crack

This all started some months ago when I decided to sell my long-standing 40k army of 20 years (my beloved Imperial Fists), and start on a new and rather heretical path by putting together a Chaos Renegades force from the list in Imperial Armour XIII. This was my first taste of the taint (no, not that, take your mind out of the gutter), and after two decades of serving the corpse-Emperor of Mankind, it tasted good!

Fast forward to this week, having thus far assembled a veritable collection of resin crack from everyone’s favourite dealer (Forge World), I decided to add a Start Collecting! Daemons of Nurgle box to my Death Guard themed force. This detachment would serve as a nice little starter to an allied detachment for 40k, but also give me the opportunity to join the Age of Sigmar fray, which in my own gaming community, has suddenly become the thing to play.

I have to say, Age of Sigmar didn’t grab me after the demo game I had at Warhammer World when it first came out. But that was then, and this is now. Since then, The Generals Handbook has been released, and so has that not-so-alien concept of having points values attached to each unit for matched-play. This was the development I, and many grisly veterans of Warhammer Fantasy Battles had been waiting for.

I am yet to play my first game of AoS with my new force, but it is something I’m very much looking forward to.

For now, this is just a hobby project of sorts, as I’m still trying to find my feet using my new airbrushing rig. Each unit I paint with my Iwata Eclipse seems to yield far better results than I ever managed by brush painting. After all, 5 days into the project, and with around only 8 hours of hobby time, I’m at a stage where I just need to cut the details in and I’m done!

More on this project after my first game!

Progress on the workbench



James Martin

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