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Biscuit base

5th March 2017

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There are few constants in the world, one of them being the need for biscuits with a cup of tea. Nothing beats sitting down to paint with a cup of Yorkshire tea sitting precariously close to your water, with a newly finished model ready to base, bourbon in hand. Unfortunately some of us here at Little Plastic Soldiers have found ourselves on a diet. Due to the lack of choccie biccie we’ve noticed the similarities between our newly based models and that of a good ol’ English biscuit.

We first noticed it with these Dryads which give off the impression of a chocolate biscuit with perhaps an orange aftertaste. They look delightfully moreish, but don’t be fooled. They don’t taste as good as they look…

Chocolate Orange?

Sticking with the orange theme, perhaps our attempt at making biscuits seem healthy, is this rich looking chocolate biscuit with candied orange flakes.

Time for a trip to M&S?

In my experiments to find a fitting base for my Beastclaw Raiders I managed to see a healthy side to the biscuit base. Here we have a rye bread cracker with cream cheese and lemon grass. The second is the same as the first but also topped with almonds, and finally one topped with coconut – that counts as one of our five a day surely?

Healthy alternative?



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