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Start Collecting! (Daemons of Nurgle) Part 2

18th March 2017

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So I managed to get a game in with my new Nurgle Daemons! The game was very much an introductory adventure into the world of Age of Sigmar with two good friends.

We played a 3 player points-matched game of around 500pts, Khorne Daemons (Alan) vs. Nurgle Darmons (me) vs. Orruks (Chloe). The objective was to take and hold the centre of the table (12″ diameter), the player with the most miniatures in that area at the end of each game turn received 3 victory points.

My misunderstanding of the combat phase turn sequence meant that I opted to first attack with my Nurglings instead of the Plague Drones, resulting in their swift demise.

Chloe quickly picked up the first 3 points which became the theme of the game, the game ending with Chloe on top, Alan in the middle and me with my ill-fated (no pun intended) Nurgle at the bottom.

Even though I had my putrid pustulant posterior handed to me, I can’t wait for another game of Age of Sigmar. I’m already planning which units to add to my force…



James Martin

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  • March 21, 2017 by Chloe Cronogue

    Chloe Cronogue

    I’m please with how my ‘Ardboyz look 😀

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