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Pandemic Legacy – January to March

21st March 2017

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Warning: spoilers for January to March of Pandemic Legacy.

Imagine Monday evenings. Imagine the world has gone to shit. Imagine only you and 3 friends can help stop a virus so terrible it is going to end the world. No I’m not talking about 12 Monkeys, I’m talking about Pandemic Legacy.

Pandemic Legacy takes the co-operative boardgame Pandemic and cranks it up to 11.

We played a few games of Pandemic, finally won one and decided screw it, lets get stuck in. So we set up January. The first game starts off pretty basic, you set up the mandatory objective – to discover cures to the 4 diseases. Simple. We chose our characters and set the board up.

I’m Dr. Jones the Scientist, definitely not named after a famous fictional archaeologist.. Brin is Gertrude the Generalist, Kael is Gerald the Medic and Bjornski is Grant the Dispatcher. Gerald takes the first turn and heads off to San Fran to treat some diseases. He draws his player cards, and typical he draws a bloody epidemic. Great. The game must hate us.


Fuck you epidemics!


When the second epidemic is drawn we flip the next card in the Legacy deck. Bollocks, Asia has been infected by COda-403a. There is no cure. Treating takes twice the effort. Fuck. We plod along, treating where we can and then boom we cure and eradicate the black disease closely followed by blue.

‘Yes! Only one more to go, I think we can do it!’

‘Shhh, the game can hear you’

And then I look at how many cards we have left in the player deck. 5. I won’t get another turn. Everyone has a couple of yellow city cards but noone has enough. We can’t so it. Shit. Gertrude moves off and treats some diseases, hoping we can figure it out. We start moving Grant, but before Bjornski can remove his fingers from his meeple I shout ‘WAIT!’ We can do it. And we do. With one card left Gerald moves into Atlanta and cures the final yellow disease. Of course that last card was an epidemic.

February didn’t go quite as smoothly. We lost the first attempt. It was awful. Red cubes spread everywhere. We couldn’t treat it. Cities were outbreaking causing more outbreaks. We just couldn’t handle it. So we went back to Atlanta and switched the crew up.

The second half of Feb consisted of Dr. Jones, Gerald, Grant and Shaniqua. With the addition of the quarantine specialist, who sat in Atlanta chucking quarantines all over Asia we managed to cure the 3 treatable diseases again!

In March the military got involved. This included switching out Gerald¬†for Lesley Esq. the operations expert. And with that we had the edition of two more objectives, to eradicate 1 disease and to have a military base in each of the 6 major regions of the world and we needed to complete at least 2 of them, one being the mandatory cure 3 normal diseases. And somehow we did. Its seemed too easy, and now we’re worried about what April will bring.

Catch up with us on Monday to see how we faired in April.



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