Little Plastic Soldiers


BloodBowl Update

27th May 2017

Direct from the Specialist Game Seminar at Warhammer Fest 2017

(for loads of pictures, see our facebook page!

– New resin Scaven team (catcher, thrower and 2 gutter runners)

Glart Smashrip

– New star players

– Goblin secret weapons (3 more coming, doom diver, pogo-er)

– new dice

– team card packs (reference cards for your players).

– new neoprene pitches (Gouged Eye, Reikland Reavers)

– WIP new goblin pitch (card)

– new tokens

– New human team booster

what’s next?

– New plastic teams

– more dice

– more themed pitches

– Team card packs

– star players

– more booster packs



James Martin