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Orlock Gang (Coming Feb 2018)

25th November 2017


The rough release schedule is loosely based on one new gang coming out a quarter, interspersed with character releases.

Schedule is said to be: Orlock, Van Saar, Cawdor then Delaque.

A supplementary set of gaming tiles (akin to the ones in the boxed game), will come out early 2018, with a different hazard on each tile (industrial waste, turbine etc).

Nothing other than the tiles set and the Orlock box has been previewed.

We are expecting great things from Necromunda. The development team were electric with excitement and it was a pleasure speaking with them. Some snippets of things to come, include Enforcers, civilian guild members, lots of hired guns and Forge World upgrade packs.

Check out the new Orlocks:



James Martin